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Letter From The President: - Capt. Mike Corrado

Our 2014 Symposium was a great succes! Philadelphia was an eventful location, thanks to our sponsors and members. We have begun planning the the 2015 Symposium to be held in Washington DC. Input from the members regarding case studies, speakers, and topics is always appreciated. Our goal is to continue to put forth cutting edge information from around the world. The IHIA will also be hosting several basic homicide courses in 2014/2015. Please check our web site for updates. Thank you and I enjoyed meeting all who attended in Philadelphia. I am looking forward to seeing many of you again in Washignton DC and meeting new attendees. The IHIA has developed a symposium justification letter to assist in gaining approval to attend the 2015 Symposium. Please feel free to download and personalize for your needs.


Familial DNA Searching Webinars

June 19, 2014
The RTI International, Forensic Technology Center of Excellence (FTCoE), funded by the National Institute of Justice, will be presenting a webinar series discussing the topic of Familial DNA Searches. This four-part panel discussion series will elucidate the current landscape of policies and procedures addressing familial DNA searching. These discussions will…

Dead Inmate Project

May 07, 2014
Dead Man DNA: Secrets Revealed By Anne Marie Schubert, Supervising Deputy District Attorney and Stephanie Hofer, Admin. Services Officer, Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office We have all heard of DNA and CODIS (“Combined DNA Index System,” the national FBI program interconnecting federal, state, and local DNA databases).  Even the average…

Unauthorized Companies Soliciting Housing for 2014 Symposium

February 12, 2014
NOTICE: Unauthorized Companies (such as Global Housing Corporation, Exhibitor Housing Services) Soliciting Housing for the 2014 Annual Symposium. IHIA has secured a housing block providing convenient and discounted room rates for those who attend our Annual Symposium. You may receive solicitation calls from housing groups indicating they are associated with…